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Version: v1.14.x


Long Term Support

Fastify's Long Term Support (LTS) is provided according the schedule laid out in this document:

  1. Major releases, "X" release of semantic versioning X.Y.Z release versions, are supported for a minimum period of six months from their release date. The release date of any specific version can be found at

  2. Major releases will receive security updates for an additional six months from the release of the next major release.

A "month" is to be a period of 30 consecutive days.


VersionRelease DateEnd Of LTS Date

CI tested operating systems

CIOSVersionPackage ManagerNode.js
TravisLinuxUbuntu 14.04npm6,8,9,10
Azure pipelineLinuxUbuntu 16.04yarn,8,10,11
Azure pipelineWindowsvs2017-win2016npm6,8,10,11

¹ yarn supports only node >= 8