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Version: v4.2.x


Guides Table Of Contents

This table of contents is in alphabetical order.

  • Benchmarking: This guide introduces how to benchmark applications based on Fastify.
  • Contributing: Details how to participate in the development of Fastify, and shows how to setup an environment compatible with the project's code style.
  • Delay Accepting Requests: A practical guide on how to delay serving requests to specific routes until some condition is met in your application. This guide focuses on solving the problem using Hooks, Decorators, and Plugins.
  • Ecosystem: Lists all core plugins and many known community plugins.
  • Fluent Schema: Shows how writing JSON Schema can be written with a fluent API and used in Fastify.
  • Getting Started: Introduction tutorial for Fastify. This is where beginners should start.
  • Migration Guide (v4): Details how to migrate to Fastify v4 from earlier versions.
  • Migration Guide (v3): Details how to migrate to Fastify v3 from earlier versions.
  • Plugins Guide: An informal introduction to writing Fastify plugins.
  • Prototype Poisoning: A description of how the prototype poisoning attack works and is mitigated.
  • Recommendations: Recommendations for how to deploy Fastify into production environments.
  • Serverless: Details on how to deploy Fastify applications in various Function as a Service (FaaS) environments.
  • Style Guide: Explains the writing style we use for the Fastify documentation for those who want to contribute documentation.
  • Testing: Explains how to write unit tests for Fastify applications.
  • Write Plugin: A set of guidelines for what the Fastify team considers good practices for writing a Fastify plugin.