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Version: v3.29.x


Guides Table Of Contents

This table of contents is in alphabetical order.

  • Benchmarking: This guide introduces how to benchmark applications based upon Fastify.
  • Contributing: Details how to participate in the development of Fastify, and shows how to setup an environment compatible with the project's code style.
  • Ecosystem: Lists all core plugins and many known community plugins.
  • Fluent Schema: Shows how writing JSON Schema can be written with a fluent API and used in Fastify.
  • Getting Started: Introduction tutorial for Fastify. This is where beginners should start.
  • Migration Guide (v3): Details how to migrate to Fastify v3 from earlier versions.
  • Plugins Guide: An informal introduction to writing Fastify plugins.
  • Prototype Poisoning: A description of how the prototype poisoning attack works and is mitigated.
  • Recommendations: Recommendations for how to deploy Fastify into production environments.
  • Serverless: Details on how to deploy Fastify applications in various Function as a Service (FaaS) environments.
  • Style Guide: Explains the writing style we use for the Fastify documentation for those who want to contribute documentation.
  • Testing: Explains how to write unit tests for Fastify applications.
  • Write Plugin: A set of guidelines for what the Fastify team considers good practices for writing a Fastify plugin.